From Politico:

_Few hunters are pining for a day in the woods with Barack Obama but a surprising number of sportsmen say they’ll vote for him — far more than backed Al Gore or pheasant-hunting John Kerry.

According to a Congressional Sportsmen’s Foundation poll to be released Wednesday, John McCain leads Obama by 45 percent to 31 percent. That’s only about half the 27-point edge respondents say they gave George W. Bush over Kerry four years ago and far short of the 65 percent gun owners gave to Bush over Gore’s 15 percent in 2000. . . .

About half of those polled say they like McCain and would love to go on a hunt with him — compared to 29 percent who feel the same way about Obama.

“Sportsmen view John McCain as good company in the great outdoors,” said Steve Sanetti, president of the National Shooting Sports Foundation, which helped underwrite the survey. “They’re just not sure how much fun Barack Obama would be in a duck blind.”

Fishermen are a little more Obama friendly, but favor the Arizona senator by a 44-to-31 margin._

Who would you rather have in your duck blind or fishing boat? Who do you plan to vote for?