British Columbia’s proposed changes to the Wildlife Act, designed to increase hunter participation, is causing quite a stir. Here’s part of an recent reaction from The Province:

_[The proposal] flies in the face of a sweeping change in thinking toward our province’s wildlife that has taken place in [recent years] — especially among folks who live in B.C.’s larger cities.

They prefer. . . to go out into the great outdoors and hunt with a camera, rather than with a gun. And they are appalled at the casual and apparently callous attitude toward the killing of wildlife too often displayed by hunters armed with high-powered rifles. . . .

Many of us who live in a mechanized urban environment have for years now been appreciating the magic of seeing an elk or moose in its own environment.

We see no point in taking out a hunting license, realizing there is far greater joy in seeing these amazing animals alive rather than dead._

The title of this article is “Why not go hunting with a camera rather than a gun?” Any of you care to answer that for these people?