From the Casper Star-Tribune:
Wind Cave National Park has decided not to allow hunting inside its boundaries as a way to control its elk herd.

The park also considered reintroducing sterilized wolves to manage the herd, but dismissed the plan because federal and state wildlife agencies would not support it, said Tom Farrell, a spokesman for the park.

 . . .

Hunting is not consistent with the park’s regulations and policies, Farrell said.


Our preferred alternative is hazing the animals outside the park and then raising the fence and installing one-way gates so the animals will be outside the park,” he said.

 . . .

“[The Game, Fish and Parks department] would then increase the number of [hunting] tags outside the park, so we could use hunting to control the number of animals that use the park in the winter,” he said._

What do you think of the decision?