Discussion Topic: World’s Dumbest Poachers?

The report below refers to two cow-killing Pennsylvania stepbrothers as “hunters,” which they most certainly are not. What they may be are the dumbest jack-lighters on the planet. What do you think?

From an Associated Press story in the Centre Daily Times:
_State police say two Fayette County stepbrothers shot and killed four cows after dusk on the first day of deer rifle hunting season.

Police say 21-year-old Ronald Dwayne Regish III, of Dunbar, and 22-year-old Allen Kessler, of Normalville, fired 10 shots at the cows in Saltlick Township. A juvenile is also charged with firing a shot.

Police say the men used a spotlight to find the animals and told police they thought the animals were deer._

Does anyone else find it a little ironic that Kessler is from _Normal_ville?