That’s right, carrots. And with April 1st still almost 2 months away, I can only assume that this is for real. From The Scotsman:

_From dangling to angling. The humble carrot is set to be used in ways never imagined before, thanks to a discovery by two Scottish scientists who have found a way to convert the vegetable into an advanced material to make products from fishing rods to warships.

The development is the brain-child of Dr David Hepworth and Dr Eric Whale, who have created the material, named Curran, at their company CelluComp in Burntisland, Fife. Their first product – a rod for fly fishing – goes on sale next month._

The raw material for the new rod is obviously cheap (unlike the oil used in carbon fiber) and the process is environmentally friendly. What will they think of next? According to the article, rods made of turnips and parsnips. Check out the whole incredible story and tell us what you think.