British Columbia wants more hunters. So the province plans to relax certain regulations, recruit more women and youth, and (as if you couldn’t guess) give citizens ownership of roadkill.

From The Vancouver Sun:

_Currently, wildlife killed by a motor vehicle is Crown property. The province is considering allowing individuals to take those carcasses home for the freezer or have the animal stuffed and mounted on the wall.

[Ministry spokesman Chis] Hamilton does not foresee a roadkill category anytime soon in the Boone and Crockett Club . . . . He also doubts the change would encourage people to deliberately run over wildlife: “I’m driving a $50,000 F-250 [Ford] truck into a deer as an alternative to actually shooting it?”

He agreed not everyone wants to eat roadkill even though it might taste fine._

How about you? Would you eat roadkill? Would you mount it on your wall?