Eagle River, Alaska, teenager Devon Rees did–and battled the bear to a “tie.”

From the Anchorage Daily News:
“I definitely earned my bragging rights boxing a bear,” said [Devon] Rees, 18. “It got me a couple of times, and I got her a good couple of times. I wasn’t going to give the bear an easy target. . . .”

As suddenly as the attack began, the bear released him . . . . Rees began staggering up the road, shoeless and with pants shredded, calling 911 on his cell phone as he headed toward a nearby fire station. . . .

“I don’t think the bear’s any worse for it, but it was probably surprised someone was fighting back,” said [police Lt. Paul] Honeman, who tallied the brawl as a “tie.”_

What do you think? Is fighting a griz a good idea? Would you do it?