Mississippi angler Weldon Fortner knew he would never land the catfish of a lifetime while his boat was tied to a bridge piling. So he asked his wife Lisa to untie it. She grabbed the piling, reached for the rope . . . and suddenly, Weldon had a tough decision to make:

From The Clarion Ledger:

_”He had had just told me not to let the boat run out from under me and it did. The current took the boat, I grabbed the piling and there I went.”

Weldon Fortner said he heard something, turned and …

“Lisa wasn’t there,” he said.

“Heck no, I wasn’t there, I was dangling from that piling,” she said. “I looked and there was water rushing under my feet.”

The Fortners were in a sticky situation … she more than he, for sure.

She was hanging on for dear life.

He was only holding on to a rod and reel attached to the biggest catfish he’d ever felt. “

I looked up at her and I looked at the rod and this is what I said: ‘I can always get another wife, but I may never get another fish like this,’ ” Fortner said._

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