Everyone agrees that donating venison to stock foodshelves is a great idea. The debate begins when you start discussing how to pay for the processing. Minnesota just worked out this issue. The original plan calling for a $1 surcharge on state deer licenses was opposed by the Minnesota Deer Hunters Association and replaced with this compromise, from the Star Tribune:

_The long-debated state venison donation program was signed into law last week. . . . The program will pay venison processing costs of $70 per deer. Funding comes from a $5 surcharge on nonresident hunting licenses . . . . After the first year, [there will be a] $1 surcharge on bonus deer tags purchased by hunters. . . .

Also, Minnesota deer hunters will be asked when they buy their hunting license if they want to contribute $1, $3 or $5 to the program._

Does this seem like a good compromise? Would you make the donation?