From Wisconsin’s The Janesville Gazette:

_Milton-Area hunters reacted loudly Monday night to the prospect that the [Wisconsin] Department of Natural Resources may bring back earn-a-buck regulations in an effort to curb the spread of chronic wasting disease. . . .

Some hunters say the DNR should let the disease run its course. They argue that the DNR wants to cut the herd too much, and soon there won’t be enough deer to make it worth hunting.

“People just don’t see the deer that they used to,” one man said from the audience. “They sit there all day and never see a deer. I heard that not just once or twice. I hear that from all over.”

Said another: “You’re not going to eliminate (chronic wasting disease) no matter how hard you work at it. Just let us go out and hunt. CWD is basically getting shoved down our throats in some areas.”_

Do you think earn-a-buck regulation are a good way to curb CWD? Would want such regs in your area?