Mild weather has put a damper on deer movement in a number of areas. Besides the complaints I’ve heard from a number of hunters, below are just a couple reports.
First from New York’s Times Herald-Record:
According to Sullivan County hunters, Bambi won again this year. Hunters say this year’s deer season–marred by freakishly warm weather and fewer hunters–was one of the worst on record. . . .
Second from Iowa’s WHOtv news:
_. . . warm weather is making it harder for hunters to find the deer.
“When it gets warm like this the deer don’t need the food, don’t need nourishment near as much, they’re staying in the timbers – staying in seclusion, staying in hiding longer into the day. It makes it harder to find them during legal hunting hours,” says [DNR spokesman] Al Foster._
Has warm weather hampered your deer hunting this year? Do you think, as some have suggested, that unseasonably warm deer seasons are becoming a trend, possibly associated with global warming?