From KFYR-TV news in North Dakota:

Doctors say deer meat has a lot of benefits. It’s lean and low in cholesterol. But something deadly could be hiding within. Dr. William Cornatzer conducted CT scans on 100 pounds of venison collected from dozens of different sources and was shocked to find high levels of lead in about 60% of the meat.

And from the Bismarck Tribune:

_Packages of ground venison donated to food pantries through the Sportsmen Against Hunger program tested “strongly positive” for lead, prompting the [North Dakota] Department of Health to urge pantries not to use or distribute the venison.

Cornatzer said he also tossed the remaining venison out of his freezer.

“I hate to admit it, but I did. I am not consuming it” he said Thursday. “There is lead in meat that does not have blood marks in it. It’s not like lead. It’s like lead dust.”_

Cornatzer, a hunter, says he’ll still target deer with his .270 next fall, but with lead-free bullets offered by Barnes, Federal, or Nosler. Meanwhile, the state Department of Health lead program coordinator says she needs to see more research—and will eat the venison in her freezer for now.

So, will this report have any affect on whether you eat the venison in your freezer, or what type of bullets you use next year?