This has been a hot topic on the blog before, so here’s some more fuel for the fire:

First: Quebec wildlife agents are mounting a case against an alleged ring of 19 mostly millionaire poachers who used helicopters to run down, exhaust, daze, and shoot at least 30 moose. The potential punishment for the entire group, according to this Globe and Mail story: $255,000 in fines.

Second: One Steve Niese, 24, of Leipsic, Ohio, has been convicted of poaching a record-size buck with an illegal implement during a youth season (for which he was not eligible). And this is not his first offense. “I gave him his eighth, ninth, and 10th tickets,” an officer told the Toledo Blade. His sentence is 90 days in jail with 60 days suspended and a $550 fine. His rifle was taken and his hunting privileges suspended for three years. In other words, after 10 previous tickets, he still had a rifle and hunting privileges.