As the U.S. Congress debates a proposal that could affect the average gun owner’s voice in the legislative process, the NRA wants your help. This from recent press release:

_To ensure gun owners remain able to speak out in support of our Second Amendment rights, during debate this week on S.A. 3, the “Legislative Transparency and Accountability Act”, Senators Robert Bennett (R-Utah) and Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) will offer an amendment to strike Sec. 220–the section that would force countless groups of ordinary citizens to register with the federal government as “lobbyists,” with all the attendant restrictions, costs, and penalties.

The First Amendment protects the “right of the people”–not the “right of people who can afford teams of lawyers, accountants, and disclosure specialists.”

Because the ability of grassroots organizations to communicate with the public is so central to the First Amendment and our ability to protect the Second Amendment, we urge you to contact your U.S. Senators immediately and urge them to support the Bennett-McConnell Amendment (#20) to strike Section 220 in the “Legislative Transparency and Accountability Act.”_

Click here to read the full statement, including information on how to contact U.S. Senators.