Shooting doves along highwires is against the law in Arkansas. That’s why game wardens showed up at Mike Roach’s place, where he, George King, and eight other hunters where doing plenty of shooting.

From ESPN:

_Officer Williams had a question . . . . “Is that highline wires?”

“Yep,” King and Roach replied almost simultaneously.

“Where they lead to?” the officer asked.

“Kind of like that road to nowhere you hear about in Alaska,” Roach said. “We don’t break the game laws, but we’re not afraid to dabble in the gray areas.” Laughs permeated the back porch. . . .

As it dawned on him that he was looking at fake highline wires — no more real than a sitcom studio set — Officer Williams broke into a grin.

“I feel like I need to write a ticket for something, but I don’t see a reason why I can,” he said.