From the Cody Enterprise:

_A Cody bowhunter in search of an elk found a grizzly bear instead in a Sept. 12 mauling incident on the South Fork.

And Ron J. Leming, 37, attributes his father’s lifetime of bowhunting for saving his life. . . .

“I would have been mauled way worse, if not killed, if Dad hadn’t had the nerve to stand his ground and shoot that bear with his bow. There’s not many people who could have done that. . . .”

“Dad had missed two shots at elk” earlier in the several-day hunting trip to the family’s favorite spot, Leming said.

“The night before, Dad said a prayer for God to guide his arrow.”

Leming added that while his father had elk, not bears, in mind as he prayed, he’s glad the right arrow found divine intervention._