From the Anchorage Daily News:
_Dozens of bald eagles descended on a dump truck hauling fish guts at a Kodiak processing plant Friday and got tangled in the mess, leaving at least 20 of the birds drowned, buried or crushed, according to federal wildlife officials. . . .

Several workers shoveled through the mess to pull birds out . . . .

“We cleaned them up and tried to warm them up, but some of them weren’t doing too good,” [a USFWS biologist] said._

And an update:
_The 30 bald eagles that survived a deadly feeding frenzy in a dump truck filled with fish guts are flying again.

In cargo.

Era Aviation and Alaska Airlines are bringing the birds from Kodiak to Anchorage so they can be cleaned and cared for by the Bird Treatment and Learning Center before being returned to the wild._