If the fish aren’t biting, most anglers change lures, change spots, or go home. One Greensboro, Georgia man decided to take more drastic measures last weekend when he supposedly shot another angler who was keeping fish away from his lines.

On May 19, 86-year-old John Burke Yearwood shot Craig Barnett, who, with his friend, Matthew Ferman, was fishing the Oconee River during a bass tournament. According to Sheriff Chris Houston, witnesses said Barnett and Ferman were “rushing up and down the narrow river,” causing “big splashes” and “violent waters.” Allegedly Barnett’s boat behavior was “muddying the waters,” and when that happens, “the fish don’t bite.”

Yearwood fired three shots from a rifle: two to warn the men away from his lines, and a third that hit Barnett in the arm. Yearwood was jailed on assault charges but released quickly on bond, according to Houston, because he was neither a threat to witnesses in the case nor likely to leave the jurisdiction. The sheriff said this type of behavior is uncommon in this town, which is “usually very quiet.”
–Elizabeth Cutler