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The Remington 700 trigger is one of the most maligned and abused pieces of machinery created by the hand of man. It is actually a brilliant design, but it fell afoul of clods with small screwdrivers, no mechanical ability, and no sense. And lawyers. Years ago, Remington included directions for adjusting the Model 700 trigger with every rifle, but enough people botched the job that the company was forced to set the triggers with so much weight of pull and so much sear engagement that an accidental discharge was impossible. And so, of course, you couldn’t control the damn trigger.

It was an unhappy situation, especially with outfits like Tikka and Sako and Savage selling guns with superb triggers. So Remington has done a redesign, taking full advantage of machinery that was not in existence when the Model 700 trigger was born, and they have come up with a doozer, the X-Mark Pro.

Although this trigger looks the same (superficially), it is a complete redesign. Because all its little parts can be finished so smoothly, the factory can adjust it for up to 45 percent less weight-of-pull than the 700 trigger and still keep it safe. The safety blocks both the sear and the trigger, and if it’s still too heavy for you it can be adjusted lighter by any authorized Remington repair center. As it comes from the factory, The X-Mark Pro has a dead-clean release. No creep at all, and manageable weights. I tried about a dozen rifles with the new trigger, and liked every one.

Remington has also addressed the other weakness of the 700 mechanism–its susceptibility to rust. The X-Mark Pro is coated with a Teflon/electroless nickel finish (similar to NP-3, if you must ask) that is pretty much impervious to rust. And, by crackey, you can retrofit the X-Mark Pro. It will function in any Model 700 or Model Seven rifle.

Terrorists lust for our blood. Fools are running our country. Hillary looms on the horizon. But take heart–this is truly good news.