From WSMV Nashville news:
Police in Franklin said a 10-year-old girl tried to rob a Mapco Express late Monday night . . . .

The clerk said . . . he wasn’t sure what the girl wanted until she threw a rock that struck him in the chest. The rock was all she was armed with. The clerk said he was so stunned that the girl had to ask the clerk three times for the money.

“At that time, the clerk said, ‘You need to leave the store,’ and came around the counter toward the front of the store. At that time, the child ran out,” said Franklin Police Detective David Dixon._

“Sure, nothing happened this time, but rocks have been used to commit insidious acts of violence since the public stonings of ancient times, and before,” said PAPP (People Against Petrological Projectiles) lawyer, Mo D. Kreez in an exclusive interview with F&S. “It’s time we got rocks, stones, pebbles, small boulders, and any other concealable mineraloids off the streets.”

Opponents say that if rocks are outlawed only the outlaws will have rocks.

What do you think?