THE MYTH: If you shoot bullets coated with molybdenum disulfide, your barrel will never wear out, you will get more velocity, your barrel will not copper-foul, your kid will do better in school, and your hair will grow back.
THE TRUTH: You will get an indescribable mess in your barrel that you will never be able to clean out.

THE MYTH: If you break in your new barrel by firing a shot, cleaning, doing this five times more, then cleaning every five shots until you’ve got 100 rounds through the barrel, your bore will be glassy smooth even if it wasn’t when you started.
THE TRUTH: You will have wasted a lot of effort, patches, and solvent. Not to mention the time that you could have spent watching Ultimate Fighter reruns on the Spike Network.

THE MYTH: If you don’t use a cleaning rod guide, you will ruin your rifle barrel. And your dog will get the setter bitch across the road pregnant and her owner will sue you.
THE TRUTH: If you’re able to keep your rod straight as you clean, you don’t need a guide. I have rifles that haven’t seen a rod guide in 40 years of shooting, and they’re fine. And since our dearly departed dog would try to mate with a snake if someone was holding its head, we kept the little fellow on a leash.