… Continued from part I

Winston gave the metal to a friend of his named Ernie Paulson, who was dying of cancer, but was able to complete this one last job. Ernie out-Weatherbied Weatherby; the barrel and action are a brilliant blue-black; so bright that when I used the rifle I had to cover the steel with camo tape.

The Weatherby Mark V action uses the trigger as a bolt release, and I’ve never been a fan of this system, so I had the factory trigger replaced with a Canjar trigger, and that completed the job.

That rifle has been to Africa and Montana and other fearsome places, and did all of its work with Weatherby factory ammo loaded with the old-style 180-grain Nosler Partition bullets. It’s very effective, but I’m not sure that a .30/06 couldn’t have handled every single shot that .300 ever made.

I retired it years ago. It’s irreplaceable, as Churchill would now charge $25,322.51 or so to stock one again. It was once confiscated in Zambia, and I got it back, but it threw a permanent scare into me, and anyway, that’s another story.