The Guns I Test Aren’t Special

One of the things of which I am frequently accused (in addition to uttering false notes, and mopery with intent to loiter) is testing specially selected rifles that are not representative of what you, the unwashed and lesser-privileged, are forced to buy. Nonsense say I, and as proof, here are some of the things that have been wrong with guns that were sent to me in recent months.

*A .308. Chunk of finish knocked out of stock; trigger that was creepier than Dick Cheney; bluing salts oozing out of the barrel threads.

*A .22/250. Chunk of paint knocked off the stock (is this a new look? Am I missing something?); 7-pound trigger pull. On a varmint rifle. 7 pounds. Gap around the firing pin that craters primers. Bolt face scrapes brass off cases.

*A .375 H&H that was made for me and for which I paid big buck$. Ejector did not eject. Trigger needed work. Barrel band was not secured in place and went flying up the barrel after 100 rounds.

I could go on, but I'm depressed enough already. This is why, when people ask me whether to buy Brand X or Brand Y, I say who knows? You may get a great rifle or you may get a dog. It's all a crapshoot.