I Know I’m Guilty Of Something (If Only I Knew What)

A couple of days ago I put up a .280 Dakota for sale at my FFL dealer. It’s a good working gun, nothing fancy, but I have too many others like it and I’ll probably never hunt with it. Along with the rifle I left a note saying that:

A. The rifle needed a couple of fouling shots sent through it before it started grouping.
B. It could not be shot hot.
C. With the handload I worked up for it, it would group 1.022-inch.

After I said goodbye to it, a customer came in and looked at the rifle, and my note, and said that I had been taken, because the rifle had a Number 2 contour Douglas barrel, and I should have known better. End of opinion.

My question is, am I guilty of buying a Dakota, or a Dakota with a Douglas barrel, or a Dakota that needs a fouling shot and can’t be shot hot, or a Dakota that groups 1.022-inch, or all of these?

If the person whose opinion this is happens to read this, please get in touch. My mind is burdened enough.