A century or so ago, when I was a baby editor, the magazine for which I worked received a news release from an inventor who had devised a simple system for getting Mr. Happy clear of heavy hunting pants and longjohns. He pointed out that if your member had shriveled to an inch and you had to extend it past 2 inches of clothing, you were in a world of trouble. His idea, and the product, made sense, mostly. But the project never went anywhere…as it were.

Now we have a similar proposal in the form of a product called Seasonshot. Its developers describe it as seasoning bound together by some sort of edible bonding agent and formed into shot pellets. So when you shoot a bird, you no longer have to worry either about seasoning or about chomping down on shot pellets and fracturing your fangs. Just pop the critter in the oven; the Seasonshot then melt as the bird cooks, suffusing the meat with whatever flavor you have chosen.

The Seasonshot folks are a little vague about sizes, patterning, flavors, legality, etc., but it’s a proposal so sensible that it’s bound to succeed. Next: Barbecue-flavored bullets for shooting deer in the ribs? It’s a great world we live in.