On an elk hunt in Eastern Oregon’s Wallowa Mountains, Doris and Harold Anderson lost track of each other. Harold was soon found, but his wife wasn’t. A memorial service was scheduled for her this weekend. But miraculously, there’s no need.

From ABC News:

Mourning turned into joy Thursday when sheriff’s deputies found [Doris] Anderson at the bottom of a canyon. . . .
“Hallelujah! It’s just a living miracle,” said Harold Anderson, 74.
For two weeks, Doris had struggled to survive in the rugged wilderness of the Wallowa Mountains in eastern Oregon. . . .
“I thought I’d never see her again. I had her pictures close to me. I thought I’d never see her again until the Rapture,” Harold said.
Her relieved husband, meanwhile, said there would be no more elk hunting for them.
“Never, never,” Harold said. “I’m going to spend the rest of my days with my wife.”

And who can blame him?—although a low-key blacktail hunt close to home might be okay.