This story has been bouncing around the Web for a while, but here’s an excerpt from the latest press release recently sent to us by out friends at

Timmatheson_Angling Masters International and “The Fish’n Line” magazine today announced that a potential world-record 29-inch brook trout was caught during the inaugural four-week “Fish’n Win” tournament.

During the October tournament, Tim Matheson of Manitoba, Canada apparently broke a 90-year-old world record by landing a brook trout that measured 29 inches in length with a girth of 21 inches. After measuring and photographing the fish, Matheson and his fishing buddy released it back into Manitoba’s Barbe Lake.

“Based on the measurements of the fish and the pictures I’ve seen, I’d estimate Matheson’s brook trout to be between 15 and 17 pounds,” said Rob Cann, Angling Program Manager at Canada’s provincial Water Stewardship Fisheries Branch. The International Game Fish Association’s current world record for brook trout is 14 pounds 8 ounces and was caught in July 1916.

According to Matheson, matching the requirements for IGFA world record consideration would likely have led to the death of the massive brook trout. As a catch-and-release fisherman, Matheson says such an outcome was never a consideration in his mind._