From the Associated Press:

_The enemy hides among civilians on the urban battlefield, walking the same dusty streets and in the same crowded markets where Cpl. Derrick Terrell found himself during a yearlong deployment in Iraq.

The Marine rifleman said he was oblivious to his surroundings . . . . It’s a potential weakness that led Terrell and hundreds of other Marines to spend time with big game hunters and police, learning to “hunt” for targets among the human landscape. . . .

Called Combat Hunter, a two-week program at Camp Lejeune and Camp Pendleton is designed to teach Marines how to observe, profile and track potentially dangerous individuals. . . .

“All terrorists and criminals follow the same patterns,” said Greg Williams, a police officer and big game hunter who teaches the profiling portion of the program to the Marines. “We give them the ability to think like the enemy.”_