… Plus Alarming Campaign Developments

I would like to thank all of you who participated in the contest to create an award for lying public officials who get caught at it. Rather than pick a winner myself, I have selected five finalists and leave the final decision to you. Vote only once for your favorite, and watch out for hanging chads. The entry that gets the most votes wins. No caucuses here.

1. Medal of Misrememberment, from jack
2. Distinguished Lying Cross, from DINFOS
3. Bosnian Order of Omnipresent Self-Delusion, from BUMP
4. Richard Nixon Award for Honesty in Public Service, from Canuck
5. The Legion of Invisible Distinction, from El-Wazir

In the meanwhile, Mrs. Clinton continues to show an increasing disconnect from reality, comparing herself to movie figure Rocky Balboa who, by the way, ended his career penniless and speaking in tongues. Her aides, reluctant to incur her wrath, have apparently not told her that there was no Rocky Balboa in real life. The fighter on which Rocky was patterned was a fellow named Chuck Wepner, aka the Bayonne Bleeder, a no-hoper heavyweight who got a fight with Mohammed Ali in 1975, and got the stuffings pounded out of him. As Mrs. Clinton continues to lose her grip, it will be interesting to see where her mind wanders.