Meet The R-15

Taking advantage of Bushmaster's technology, Remington has come out with three R-15s: the Predator, which has a 22-inch fluted barrel, the Predator Carbine, with an 18-inch fluted barrel, and the Predator Carbine CS, with an 18-inch barrel and a telescoping stock. While the guns are marked as Remingtons made in Ilion, New York, and many of their parts are proprietary, they are all compatible with the neat goodies that can be hung on black rifles: triggers, grips, rails, you name it.

Right now they intended for varmint hunters, and so all three are chambered in .223 and .204, with the chance of the 6.8mm being added down the road. I had the chance to shoot a couple, and they worked flawlessly. The trigger, which is Remington's own design, is quite good, and only the very fussy will want to opt for an optional two-stage trigger.

The MSRP for all three is $1,145.

Predator Rifle (click image to enlarge)

Predator Carbine (click image to enlarge)

Predator Carbine CS (click image to enlarge)

(And a footnote: Popularity of the .223 seems to have gone into the stratosphere. The Remington ammo guys told me that production of .223 ammo has quadrupled over the past 4 years, and that of every three rounds of centerfire ammo they produce, one is a .223. And very little of that is going to the military. Someone is shooting all them black guns.)