Handguns photo

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This film clip came to us with no information. It looks like one of the black Suburbans that are used in presidential motorcades, but is equipped with what appears to be a 7.62mm mini-gun on a hydraulic lift (6,000 rounds per minute! Hoo boy!)

I wonder if this infernal combination is the latest word in presidential protection. Years ago I was told by a former Secret Service agent (or I think I was; it’s getting harder to separate what actually happened from what I think happened) that the black Suburbans in the Presidential motorcade are filled with SS agents who are armed to the teeth, and that if there is any kind of trouble they’ll pile out of the Chevy and shoot everything that moves.

If true, this mini-gun Suburban would certainly fit in with those kind of tactics. Or it might have been built for Hillary Clinton. The next person who makes her cry is going to get a response he/she didn’t see coming.