However, I was out this morning working up a load for those same 225-grain XXXs in a .338 Remington Ultra Mag (known to its friends as a .333 RUM). This is a nearly off-the-rack factory rifle—a stainless 700 BDL whose 26-inch barrel was chopped back to 23.5 because a 26-barrel is fine for pole vaulting, but not hunting. Anyway, this thing burns enough powder to put a medium-sized satellite in orbit, and the first load I tried averaged .812-inch. (Its average with other loads is 1.02).

Now I don’t care what people write; sub-minute accuracy in an untweaked factory rifle that burns 90-plus grains of powder is pretty damned rare, and can only be attributed to the bullet. Has anyone else gotten the same results from XXXs?

We await your information.