Heroes and Villians; From Field & Stream’s July 2007 Issue
By Thomas McIntyre

Mitt Romney: Villian or Varmint Hunter?In the tradition of presidential candidates who hunt with “.12-caliber shotguns,” Mitt Romney publicly referenced his varmint hunting experience and called himself a gun owner (he isn’t), NRA member (one year), and lifelong hunter (twice in 45 years). He meant to say that as a kid he’d hunted rodents, also known as pest control.


Mitt Romney: Villian or Varmint Hunter?Gov. Mike Easley (D-N.C.), in a letter to state conservation advocates, urged opposition
to Navy plans for a ­carrier-landing practice field near Alligator River and Pocosin Lakes National Wildlife Refuges (they propose using poison to keep their field bird-free). If it’s built, F-18s would roar over 100,000-plus wintering waterfowl.

Mitt Romney: Villian or Varmint Hunter?Sen. Herb Kohl (D-Wis.) introduced legislation to create a new fisheries and stream-habitat restoration program in the Farm Bill, scheduled this year for reauthorization. The $60 million annual program would fund cost-sharing and incentives for landowners who voluntarily join restoration projects to benefit at-risk species from Midwest brookies to mountain cutthroats. Carp are on their own.