More on Cabela’s

I buy a lot of my gun stuff from Cabela’s, and since many of you are probably customers, I thought I’d pass this along.

Cabelas_catalog Some years ago, a friend of mine ordered a pair of Malone pants (which are heavy wool pants) in the springtime, took them out of the package and put them away until fall. When hunting season arrived, he put them on only to find that they were way too big. So he sent them to Cabela’s with a whiney note complaining that they’d sent him size 46 when he’s ordered 42, and could they please get it right this time?

After a few days he received a Cabela’s package with a pair of size 42 Malone trousers and a note:
“Dear Mr. T*****g: Enclosed are your size 42 Malone trousers. We hope you enjoy them. By the way, the pants you sent us came from L.L. Bean.”

As he puts it, “For the price of a pair of pants I’m theirs for life.”

If the U.S. government operated with the efficiency of the Cabela’s catalog service we would have rebuilt New Orleans, won the war in Iraq, gunned down Osama, and George Bush would speak English. However, I’ve found that doing business in the Cabela’s retail stores is different, and I’m interested to hear what kind of experiences you’ve had. Let me know.