At the behest of New York City’s Mayor Bloomberg, 15 mayors gathered recently to point out the need for yet more gun control. The mayors, it seems, are distressed that Congress has not taken the lead in this most pressing of problems.

The reasons why Congress is avoiding the subject are several:

  • In general, Congress is so gutless that it would not declare war on Japan if that country bombed Pearl Harbor again.
  • The people—you remember the people, ladies and gentlemen of Congress?—have said they don’t want gun control. Just ask Al Gore or John Kerry.
  • The people (them again) who are not fools, are aware that the government can’t protect them.

But I don’t want to be unreasonable here, so I’ll make a deal with the 15 mayors on behalf of my fellow gun owners.

  • When 12 months pass and no paroled felons from any of your 15 cities kill, rape, or rob again…
  • When you mayors give up your taxpayer-financed police bodyguards and live like the rest of us…

I will go out and campaign for your cause.