Thanks to the blogger who suggested this.

Here’s what goes into my range bag.

Three pair of headphones, one with sound in them. (Why three? For people I teach, and for the occasional pitiful bastard who shows up on the line with a pair of cotton balls.)

Screwdrivers. Standard blade, Torx, Allen wrenches, and one great big screwdriver for Leupold windage screws.

Belding & Mull takedown steel cleaning rod for knocking out stuck shells.

Leatherman Wave.

Two pairs of molded ear plugs. (Used in combination with the headphones when I shoot muzzle brakes.)

Weatherproof notebook for recording chronograph readings.

Chronograph aiming cards and sunscreens.

Scoring gauges for .22 rimfire matches (sometimes I get to do this.)

Ball-less whistle. (For range officering.)

Stopwatch. (Same.)

A roll of heavy, black stick-on aiming squares. For when my geezer eyes need some help.

Three pairs of shooting glasses. One for me, two as loaners. If you have a spare pair of eyes, you can skip these.

Bug repellent. The little bastards love me.

Two Fisher Space Pens. One small Sharpie. One great big Sharpie. One big fat Magic Marker. Writing is better than trying to remember.

100 rounds of Winchester .22 LR High Velocity for practicing with my .22 rifle.

100 rounds of CCI .22 LR Pistol Match, for practicing with my S&W Model 41. Having the ammo on hand encourages me to practice. I need it.

The weight of all this would bring a mule to its knees, but what the hell, shooting is about having lots of stuff, so why not?