News Update: Authorities Say Hmong Hunter Was Killed; Suspects Fiancée Says “Self Defense”

From a January 8 Associated Press Story:

An autopsy confirmed that the death of Cha Vang, 30, of Green Bay was a homicide, said Marinette County Sheriff Jim Kanikula. He declined to specify the cause of death but said, “We are in possession of the weapon or weapons involved.”

Since then, from the latest AP story, posted today:

_A man jailed in the death of another squirrel hunter in northern Wisconsin was shot once in each hand before the two wrestled in the woods and he stabbed the victim with a knife he carried to cut the tails off his quarry, the suspect’s fiancée told The Associated Press Tuesday.

“Jim didn’t intend to do this. He wasn’t going out hunting for people. He was hunting for squirrels. He was defending himself,” she said. “Jim is not racist at all. He has friends from every ethnic background he has ever come in contact with.”_