–North Dakota Blood Tests

From an Associated Press story in the Casper Star-Tribune:

_State and federal health officials have finished collecting blood samples from more than 700 North Dakotans who ate wild game shot with lead bullets. . . .

The samples have been sent to CDC’s laboratory in Atlanta, [Dr. Stephen] Pickard [with the state Health Department] said.

“We hope to find nothing, of course,” Pickard said. “It will tell us if there is a substantial blood-lead level increase.


Results are expected before this year’s fall hunting season, Pickard said._

–Minnesota Meeting

From an AP Story in the Minneapolis-St. Paul Star Tribune:

_Experts on wildlife, public health and food safety from five states including Wisconsin are meeting in Minnesota this week to talk about lead fragments in deer shot by hunters. . . .

The meeting will also include hunting representatives and officials from North Dakota, South Dakota and Iowa._