I recently returned from a spring bear hunt in northern British Columbia. The drive from our hunting camp to Prince George was about 7 hours, so I got a chance to swap war stories with our driver, who was big-game guide and a calf roper. The conversation was pretty good. I learned that he had broken each ankle three times, which made wading unpleasant, but most interesting was his story about the client who shot a retreating bull moose in the butt with a 7mm magnum and a Barnes X-bullet.

According to the guide, the bull showed absolutely no signs of being hit, but ran like hell and vanished. At the client’s insistence, they followed the trail and found the animal dead a couple of hundred yards away.

The conclusion the guide drew was that the 7mm mag (he didn’t say which one) is a lousy cartridge and the X-bullet is a lousy bullet because “…an animal should show some sign of being hit.” When I heard that I suffered a small seizure. If the statement had come from someone who had little or no experience I wouldn’t have flinched, but this guy had hunted a lot.

I’ve seen game of all sizes absorb the most horrendous damage and not even twitch. Any time I get a bullet that will penetrate the length of a bull moose and kill him I will go out and purchase a couple of thousand. And buy the people who make that bullet a beer at the SHOT Show. And maybe build a statue of it right there in the B.C. wilderness.