When the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals asked the Arctic town of Iqaluit to lower the flags outside its offices to protest the Newfoundland seal hunt, Mayor Elisapee Sheutiapik first had a good chuckle, then invited PETA to join a group of Inuit seal hunters and see how the animals are both harvested and used in Nunavut.

From The Montreal Gazette:

_”We’re happy to be able to meet with the Inuit and hear what they have to say,” PETA spokesperson Matt Rice said. . . .

Sheutiapik acknowledges that some Inuit are nervous about PETA’s visit. She says many remember a similar invitation accepted by Greenpeace during the 1970s, which the organization used to spread bloody images of seal-hunting around the world. . . .

“I have to try and do my bit to educate these people.”_

What do you think? Can any good come of this?