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A little while ago, I stated that Senator Joe Biden (D-Del) was one of the very worst anti-gun Senators. Now, my fellow Americans, in the waning hours before the Second Great Depression, I think it is time for specifics.

If you go to Senator Biden’s website, you will not find anything about gun control. (At least I could not find anything.) What you will find is a photo of Sen. Biden with Former President Bubba and his then-attorney general, Janet Reno, the nice lady who brought us the Waco massacre.

So what follows is taken from the NRA/ILA website, which has been keeping track of Pal Joey (and if you would like to read more, you can do so by Googling NRA/ILA Joe Biden). Biden is not merely one of the many-termed hacks who have done their share to make the Senate a joke; he is a true mover and shaker when it comes to chipping away at the Second Amendment. Sen Biden:

*Supports a renewal on the 1994 Clinton gun ban. Sen. Biden’s current bill (S. 2237) includes 200 (more or less) makes and models of semi-auto rifles, shotguns, and handguns.
*Is credited by the Brady campaign as being “…a consistent supporter.”
*Has voted to ban semi-automatic firearms, ban various types of hunting, sporting, and self-defense ammunition, ban magazines holding more than 10 rounds, and impose a waiting period on handgun sales.
*Refused—along with Sen. Obama—to sign the legal brief opposing the D.C. gun ban before Heller went before the Supreme Court. More than 300 members of Congress did sign.
*Proposed in a Senate bill (S. 1970) in 1989 to ban the AR-15 as an “assault weapon,” named eight similar firearms as “assault weapons,” and authorized the BATF to recommend to Congress any other firearms, regardless of type, to be banned as “additional assault weapons.”

A busy fellow, no? You are free to think of him merely as the guy who steps on his crank once a week and gives Rush Limbaugh something to talk about, but if he gets to be Vice President, none of us will find him a bit funny.