In case any of you were wondering where the hell I was for most of July, I was in Africa, and have come back at great risk and personal expense to make you aware of the virtues of the following:

Hardigg Storm Case Model IM 3300: This is a two-rifle case made of high-performance resin. It’s light for how strong it is, comes with two handles and wheels, six latches (which open by depressing spring-loaded tabs so you don’t rip your fingernails out) and hasps for four locks. Two of us had Storm Cases and wore big smiles. Two other hunters shared a lesser aluminum case and ended up with a busted stock and a wrecked scope. They did not smile. As the airlines descend into total chaos and anarchy, you would do well to visit Hardigg’s website, which is

Barnes TSX and MRX bullets: I used a .338 loaded with 225-grain TSXs at 2,750 fps; one of my friends used a .30/06 loaded with 180-grain MRXs at 2,700 fps. Between us we shot something like a dozen animals from 50 pounds up to 450 at ranges from 25 yards to 320. Nothing required a second shot. Not a single bullet was recovered; everything went clear through. How do you do better than that?

Zeiss Victory 8×32 T* FL binoculars: These were loaners. The weigh 20 ounces, are 4.6 inches tall with eyecups extended, and were best summed up by a PH who took a look through them: “They make you want to take your own binoculars and throw them as far as you can.” Are they expensive? Of course, but on the other hand, what the hell are you saving it for? The end is near.

Mystery Ranch Crew Cab Pack: This is an expandable daypack that employs a frame. There are three cells (plus two more in the cover) that expand from 1900 ccs to 5,000. You can pack it in all sorts of configurations, and it has the best suspension system I’ve ever used. Moreover, all those cells and straps and buckles appear to keep the TSA from asking you over to the little table to see what you’re carrying. Even loaded to near-max capacity, it fits in the overhead compartment of a jet.