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Wal-Mart seems to be having a nationwide, non-coordinated, unannounced sale on premium target loads. I’ve been hearing about this from shooters across the country. Last night my friend Rick called. “I’m at the Wal-Mart in Washington [Iowa]. They’ve got Winchester AA target loads for $5 a box. I bought all the 20 gauges. Do you want the 12s?” They usually sell for $7.50 a box. I told Rick I’d take whatever he could carry to his car. Turns out there were only nine boxes left, but they’re mine.

Wal-Mart made news last year eliminating firearms from several hundred stores. I may be wrong, but I don’t think they’re getting out of the ammo business entirely. You’ll probably still be able to buy cheap dove loads. Most Wal-Mart shoppers (and that includes me) aren’t going to pay $7.50 for premium target loads.
Whether they’re going out of the shotshell business or not, $5 AAs and STSs are hard to come by these days. You might want to check the sporting goods shelf at Wally World and let us know what you found.