MuskieNow here’s one enormous muskie. Maybe even a world record. But we’ll never know—because the man who caught it followed muskie fishing’s strict code of catch-and-release and tossed the beast back. Kevin Davison hooked the 58-incher on a 10-inch crankbait while fishing Northern Ontario’s Lake Nipissing on October 6th (the same day, oddly enough, that one Jody Dahms landed and immediately released a potential Minnesota state-record muskie).

In a note accompanying the photo Davison sent us, he says:
Some are estimating a 30-32 inch girth which would make this girl a Canadian record and possibly a world record! The best thing is that this fish was released and is still out there!

Two questions: Would you have been able to toss this fish back? And to our muskie experts out there, do you think this fish would challenge the world record?