Back in the 1960s when I was just a baby gunwriter, I had the great good luck to meet a gunsmith named John Dewey, who was not only one of the nicer people I’ve run into, but also a leading maker of benchrest and varmint rifles. Among the things I learned from John was the fact that benchrest shooters knew more about what makes guns tick than anyone else, and that if I wanted to learn about rifles, I should read a magazine called Precision Shooting.

John, sadly, passed on long ago, but Precision Shooting is alive and well and still very much worth reading. It’s mostly about target, benchrest, and varmint shooting, but there’s all sorts of other stuff. And the ads are as good as the articles.

On the downside, the editing, writing, and photography are strictly amateur. No one—but no one, not even lawyers—writes worse than engineers and mechanics, and unless you are mechanically aptituded, you are going to have a hard time with some of the copy.

On the other hand, Precision Shooting is done for fun. Remember fun? PS reminds me that this is a hobby, for God’s sake, and it’s OK to smile about things once in a while. For more information, you should visit their web site at