Your goal here is to become a better centerfire-rifle shot by practicing with a .22. The best way to achieve that is by shooting a rimfire that simulates your big-game gun. Many manufacturers have rimfire versions of the big guns, and you should get one that matches yours as closely as possible. Here’s a list:

Your Big-Game Rifle Browning A-Bolt Browning BAR, BAR II Browning BLR Marlin 336 or Marlin 1895 Remington Model 7 Remington Model 700 Savage Model 110, 116 Remington 740, 750, 7400 Remington 760, 7600 Ruger 77 Winchester Model 70 Winchester 94 The .22 to Use Browning T-Bolt Browning Buck Mark Sporter Browning BL-22 Marlin 39A Remington Model 5 Remington Ruger 77/22R Savage MK-II BV Remington 552 Remington 572 Ruger 77/22R Winchester 52B Winchester 9422