On Monday, October 1st, legendary illustrator and gallery artist Bob Kuhn died in his home in Tucson, AZ, at the age of 87. In a letter to F&S;, Sporting Classics writer Tom Davis, a friend and colleague of Kuhn’s, writes:

Bob was not only the pre-eminent animal painter of our time–that’s simply not in dispute–he was one of the all-time great guys. He was wonderful company in any environment, a terrific raconteur, and just as funny as hell… (He was) a skilled outdoorsman who handled a fly rod, a shotgun, and a rifle as deftly as he handled a paintbrush. He was 84 when (I last fished with him), and he threw big streamers and deerhair poppers all day long. His energy and vitality were amazing.

Kuhn was a regular contributor to this magazine through the 1940s, 50s, and 60s. Click here to view a gallery of the artist’s best F&S; covers, compiled in his memory.