I got seriously interested in rifles in the late 1950s, and being a sensitive and intelligent lad, I quickly realized that there was something terribly wrong in that particular universe. My first .22, a Winchester Model 77, spit bits of brass and gunpowder into my right eye. When I shot on a summer camp rifle team cinched up in a military sling, my right thumb was more or less permanently implanted in my nose. I was, you see, a left-handed shooter in a right-handed world.

In 1958, Weatherby came out with a left-hand Mark V, but it cost $200, and who had $200? In that same year, Savage announced the left-hand Model 110, but while serviceable and affordable, it was no rifle for a person of taste and culture like myself.

And so I swore that one day I would make rifles so wonderful that everyone would lust after them, but they would be made left-hand only, and right handers could only grind their teeth in envy. Well, I got into this business instead, but someone else has done what I swore to do. His name is Mike Morreal, and his company is called Bedrock Industries.

Bedrock is the distributor for Noveske Rifleworks LLC, which is run by a gifted and meticulous gunsmith named John Noveske. There are two lines of Noveske rifles. One is left-hand bolt-action sporters; the other is true left-hand ARs in various configurations. They do not make right-hand guns. I’ve wanted to write that sentence for 50 years so I’ll do it again. They do not make right-hand guns.



I haven’t seen the ARs but I have shot a Noveske bolt-action in .280, and I can tell you that there is no one doing better work. The gun is so good that, if I were a right-handed shooter, I would be grinding my teeth. In both design and quality there is simply no way to improve it.

Eat your livers, right-handed swine!

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