Fluke The 24.3-pound fluke that [Monica] Oswald, an amateur angler, caught in August off the coast of Monmouth County was rejected not because she lied as the critics claimed — she passed a lie-detector test about whether she caught it — or allowed the fish to be eaten by a wild animal.

Oswald, 45, was denied a place in the record books because, in the end, she broke a rule.

While reeling in the hulking specimen of the coveted saltwater fish, Oswald temporarily rested her pole on the rail of her boat. She volunteered that information to the IGFA — sort of the Olympic committee of the recreational fishing world — and was disqualified.

“It is unfortunate because it was an outstanding catch, but rules are rules and you can’t rest the rod while playing the fish,” IGFA world records coordinator Rebecca Wright said yesterday. “Everything else about the catch was fine, which makes this even sadder.

What do you think of the IGFA’s Catch Rules?