If you’ve been following this, you know there’s been an ongoing debate about the health benefits and risks of eating fish. And if you’ve seen the most recent headlines—like this one from Scripps News—you might assume that the government reports released this week have finally settled the issue in favor of fish. But here’s the fine print:
_”The bottom line is, the IOM report complicates the issue rather than clearing anything up,” said Jennifer Sass, a scientist with the Natural Resources Defense Council.

Malden Nesheim, a professor emeritus of nutrition at Cornell University and chairman of the Institute of Medicine committee, said the panel actually found slim evidence for many claims about the health benefits of fish as well as the dangers. “We were surprised at the lack of reliable data on the distribution of contaminants in our seafood supply or on how the benefits might counteract the risks,” he told reporters._

Clear now? Here’s the story.